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3 years ago

I would just like to apologise for the profile photo for the Physio Clinic being repeatedly posted. It's not an act of vanity on my part but a big of a glitch with a new central system we're using. ... See more

3 years ago
British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)

Remember that disc bulges, herniations, prolapses and slipped discs (all the same thing) come and go. At times you can have one and not even know about. They are rarely permanent and are largely ... See more

Sometimes it’s best to avoid the #SexyScalpel

3 years ago

Just a short wee tip for all you athletes over the Christmas. Perfect time to get a real boost over the festive period and come back strong in the new year. Have a great Christmas and lovely New Year ... See more

3 years ago
Stronger Fitter Faster by Run Norman Run

Delighted to welcome Run Norman Run to the Precinct. It will serve as a great link for the Physio Clinic as a way to further people’s rehabilitation and return to training in n a group setting. ... See more

Strength Classes For Runners
Starting Monday 20th Nov.
Every Morning Mon - Fri 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30
Classes Last 45 Minutes Bring Towel and Water.
First week all classes FREE!!!
Charity Bucket for ... See more

3 years ago
Hashem Al-Ghaili

Falls in line with what most research would suggest. It's true whether your cracking your knuckles or your having your back cracked. Remember there is no such thing as re-aligning a persons spine.

What happens when you crack your joints?

3 years ago

1 year ago today The Physio Clinic opened its doors to its first patients and it has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 months. Next year will see further expansion afoot. Already great ... See more

3 years ago
Achilles Tendonitis

This month I have focused on a very common and at times frustrating injury for patients which is achilles tendonitis. I explain what it is, the difference between it and an achilles tendonopathy and ... See more

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